Buy house with eyes wide open – Beware of silent killer Radon Gas

Although it’s a tough tiresome job to find a suitable home in the most populous and second largest province of Canada, the assurance for safe stay can only come with a thorough Home inspection Ontario.

Studies conducted by the Lung Association of Ontario show that 16 per cent of lung cancer is caused due to Radon Gas poisoning, making it the number two cause of fatal lung cancer.  This radioactive gas seeps into home spaces

through cracks and holes in floors and foundations.

Hence it is of utmost importance to keep your family safe from this silent killer ‘Radon’ by knowing the levels of radon in your home is a test. These tests can be obtained from local hardware store or through charitable organizations or Home Inspection companies. A radon mitigation system can move the gas out of the house, through a vent in the roof. But, it is not a do-it-yourself job putting health on stake.

While buying a house in Ontario, keep your eyes wide open, mind calm and behavior patient. Don’t rush on the deal without proper house inspection and beware of Radon Gas.​​​​JJ Home Inspections provide Certified Home Inspectors and make sure that you enjoy peace of mind while making your valuable purchase with confidence.