Home Inspections

For most people, buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments of their lifetime. While, price point, location, interior and exterior finishing are the primary factors influencing would be buyers, it’s often what goes unseen that turns the dream home into a thing nightmare of made of.

For example; if the exterior walls of the house aren’t insulated, or if the rafters in the attic have rotted as a result of chronic wetness – these are things you will not be able to see when walking through your potential new home but during your first winter spent there it will not take you long to realize how uncomfortable the home temperature is and how high your hydro bill is. Or imagine, if those rafters in the attic become weak and sag and the roof collapses under the pressure of heavy snow. These and countless other issues can be identified only with proper inspection.

Avoid the risk, hire a proper certified and experienced home inspector to do the job for you. Certified home inspectors are trained to assess the structural integrity of the home, identify any areas or items with potential future risk that will require maintenance (i.e. furnace, roof, windows etc.). Providing you, the buyer the knowledge to make a fully informed decision.

The steps of home Inspection that a certified home inspector has to follow