Home Inspections

Buying a house without an inspection is like jumping from a height that you don’t see where you are landing. Ok, this might be little too exaggerated, but is not very far off.  If the exterior walls of the house isn’t insulated you won’t know unless you spend the whole winter there and see how uncomfortable the home temperature and how high the hydro bill is.  Imagine how annoying  would it be if the house has flooding issue. What if some of the rafters in the attic are rotten which you are not going to notice it until the roof starts sagging and leaking, or tens of other problems that only by proper inspection by proper tools could be discovered.  All these mentioned examples can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It is not worth the risk of it. This is probably the biggest investment of your lifetime. Hire a proper certified inspector to do the job for you.

The steps of home Inspection that a certified home inspector has to follow